Uneven Healing Post BR?

I had BR on 11/26 and have very uneven healing. Left is healing beautifully, but right has hard large lump, nipple is very black and scabbed over, draining much fluid and is very swollen. Upon exam PS states nipple will be fine as there is pink healhty tissue among scab that will slough off--just need to wait. Why the differences from side to side? It almost looks like two different PS each did one! Different suture patterns, slightly different nipple placement, etc. I'm getting concerned. :(

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Wound healing problems after a breast reduction

All of your issues are of concern.  There is not much you can do until every thing has healed.  Then at that point you may need a revision.  If you have developed a black scab over the areola then this may indicated some compromise of the blood supply. Continue with your wound care as instructed

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Uneven Healing after Breast Reduction?

I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you have him after breast reduction surgery.  Your description is most consistent with blood flow compromise to the breasts with the “hard lump”.  You may be experiencing an area of fat necrosis and/or superficial tissue compromise.

At this point, in your recovery, it is likely that there is not much to do besides what you are already doing. Close follow up with your plastic surgeon, patience, possible dressing changes as unhealthy tissue is removed… maybe  all that can be done at this point.

 Again, without direct examination or viewing pictures, it is not possible to give you more precise advice and/or reassurance. Hopefully, however you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed, despite this early “uneven” healing.

 Best wishes.


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Concerns about Breast Reduction Asymmetry and Nipple Areolae


         Uneveness side to side in the early postoperative period of breast reduction may be a normal variant.  Black nature and drainage of one nipple areola coupled with lump underneath may suggest some tissue compromise.  Without having pictures, it is a bit difficult to assess.  However, in the absence of gross infection, the area should be managed conservatively.

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