I Have Uneven Eyes, Uneven Nostrils, Right Boob Cup Bigger, Right Foot and Hand Bigger the the Left?

How can I correct all the asymmetry?

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All of us are asymmetric to some degree.

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You did not provide photos so we have no idea of how extreme your issues are.  Generally there is no satisfactory way to address all of these issue.  Likely there is no need to.  However a very important question you need to ask yourself, is how preoccupied with this issue do you find yourself?  If you are spending more than a few hours a day thinking about this issue, or are avoiding social situations out of embarrassment or have thoughts that others are making fun of your appearance, it may be that you have body dysmorphic disorder.  This is a thought disorder that does benefit from psychological intervention.  Generally the goal is to help you understand how your brain processes feelings about your personal appearance.

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