Uneven Eyes After Eyelid Surgery

I already undergone few eyelid surgeries but my left eyelid still bothers me a lot. The last surgery was early July 2010. I went to see my ophthalmologist today and he said my eyes look fine. I feel really puzzled and thought otherwise about my eyes. I really need some expert feedback about my eyes and some advice on what to do. Thank you for your time and really appreciate any responses.

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Uneven Eyes After Eyelid Surgery

Dear Lavey.


You are exactly right, your eyes do not look the same.  Your left upper eyelid is lower then the right upper eyelid.  I would want to know more about your history; how many eyelid surgeries have you had, what were these surgeries, what did your eyelids look like before each surgery, when did the ptosis start, were there any complications, etc.  It certainly might be possible to correct your eyelids further and have them match.  You should see an Oculoplastic surgeon for this.

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The good news is that this situation can be improved.

Dear Lavey

The left eyelid is ptotic or droopy compared to the right side.  This makes the platform of the left upper eyelid look longer than the platform for the right upper eyelid.  It may also be that your surgeon took too much skin on that side as well.  However putting skin back to lengthen the fold is impossible.  However, lifting the left upper eyelid to match the right side will make the left upper eyelid platform look more symmetric with the right side.  The resolution of you photograph is a bit low but it is also possible that the eyelashes at the edge of both upper eyelids are not well supported and this can be improved as well.  This type of work is very specialized please do not expect your current surgeon to do this type of work if he or she tells you that you look fine.  They obviously don't get it.

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