Uneven Eyes. And Shadows Under Them. Any Fix? Anything? (photo)

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Uneven Eyes and Shadows

   The uneven eyes may be due to eyelid ptosis and this can be fixed surgically.  The shadows may be pigmentation changes, the tear trough, etc.  You need an exam to sort these issues out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Uneven eyes requires ptosis repair.

Your eyelids show ptosis, with the right side worse than the left side.  Ptosis can be repaired surgically with excellent improvement.  Both lids would need to be done and this should elevate your lids and make them more equal.

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Ptosis is present when the lid margin cuts across the pupil of the eye.  This can be treated with surgery, and both eyes are usually done.  Best to see an oculoplastic surgeon

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Ptosis and eyelid surgery

Ptosis surgery.


thank you for the Inquiry and the photo.

you have some pretty obvious ptosis and this can be addressed with surgery. The other shadows you mentioned may be your lower eyelids? It's a little tough to tell which shadows referring to on the photo. In any case, you can improve this with surgery by either an internal approach or external surgical approach. I'll embed a video that explains a little bit more.


Hopefully this is helpful


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