Uneven Eyes After 2 Month Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I've done my eyelid surgery about 2mnths ago. Before that I didn't have any ptosis issues. Right after my eyelid surgery my left eye was super swollen because the doctor hit the blood vessel. Until now my eyes still uneven, my left eye is a little bit tight and not elastic like the right one and it seems so small I think the doctor took more skin in my left side. Do you think I need a revision surgery or it will turn the same? I appriciate any comment from you. Thank you

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Uneven Eyes After 2 Month Following Eyelid Surgery

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Thank you for providing your photo which shows slight asymmetry, left eye fissure (opening) being smaller than right. It is possible that you may have some asymmetry prior to your eyelid surgery which became more obvious now. Nevertheless, left upper eyelid crease also appears to be slightly higher than the right upper eyelid. Since you are already experience some tightness on the left side, I would not recommend any revision surgery at this point. You may need to await almost 6 months in order to have complete healing prior to any further surgical intervention. Since eyelids are heavily vascularized, it is not unusual to have some need for cauterization during the surgery to prevent bleeding. Overall, I believe your eyes appear to be nicely open although I did not get to see how you looked prior to your surgery.  

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