Uneven Eyelids Two Weeks Post Op of Upper and Lower Bleph? (photo)

Could really use some advice as I am stressing so hard about the decision I made to have the surgery. My eyes were pretty close to being perfectly symmetrical before my surgery. Now, two weeks later they look like a mess. Since I woke up from the surgery my right eye never felt like my left. It was more irritated, swollen, and funky looking. Two weeks later it seems to be a little but better but my right eye is still very tight, dry, and very blurry. Can anyone tell me if my eyes will even out more?

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Uneven Eyelid 2 Weeks Post-Op

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Thank you for providing your pictures which show evidence of post-operative swelling and healing which varies from patient to patient. At this early, sometimes one eye may appear smaller than other and even may have difficulty with closing the eye which opens more than the one which is less open. I would recommend that you continue to use some form of ocular lubrication especially when you are sleeping. I do not know what your doctor has recommended, I usually use Maxitrol Ophthalmic ointment over the periocular eyelid wounds especially prior to sleeping. Since the area around the eyelids have a thin skin, most likely you will not form any scars. I will advice you not to rub this area and do not get exposure to sun, heat or dryness.

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