Uneven Eyelid, Dont Know if Its Normal? (photo)

it has been nearly 2 weeks since i got my double eyelid surgery done. But it seemd uneven and looked different in photos, and te shape and the crase line looks a slightly different, and the pupils opens up more on right then left and more swollened on the left and it looks really obvious in photos. Im really scared that it well turn out bad or the swollen wont go away, so i dont know if its normal and will my eyes will heal and become pretty?

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Uneven eyelids 2 weeks after surgery

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  I agree with the others who replied that there just has not been enough time to evaluate the results.  You really looked quite good for 2 weeks.  Relax a little and be patient and you will likely be very happy with your results.

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Uneven Eyelid, Dont Know if Its Normal?

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Even with the poorly exposed posted photos your early result looks excellent. Maybe the expectation you anticipated was not realistic. At least allow more healing time before you make the determination of a unsatisfactory result. 

Good results, this early after surgery!

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In all honesty, from the photos you have posted, this is quite a good result this early after surgery.

The only asymmetry I can see from your photo is that the right eyelid seems maybe half a millimeter more open than the left. This is quite a subtle different, and this soon after surgery it is very normal to have a subtle difference between the two eyes.

Be patient and allow the swelling to dissipate. At three months post-operatively, is when you should reach your final state.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Being that your only 2 weeks out you are still very swollen. From the picture we cannot see what you are describing. I would follow up with your surgeon and let him explain when he expects everything to take its place. I would give you at least a few months for the skin to loosing up and things to look better.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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Bad fuzzy pictures but...

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You actually look great for only being 2 weeks out.  I advise you to relax and let your eyelids heal.  It really takes a couple of months for most of the swelling to settle down and until that time, the folds can look high.  Also time tends to resolve small asymmetry issues.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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