Uneven Eyebrows Which Cause Uneven Eyelids? (photo)

Hi! I recently noticed that my left eyebrow is evidently higher than the right, which causes the right eye to look as if its flat and droopy - it's as if I'm two different people when you cover half of my face! Because of the evident uneven eye shape, this has done serious damage to my self esteem Is there any way I can fix this, and will it require surgery?

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Botox Rather Than Surgery

While it does appear your eyebrows are different, I would recommend Botox, not surgery, to start. Well placed Botox can be used nicely to subtly alter the brow shape. Botox is great because it has no down time and is not permanent. “Dr. D”

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Uneven eyebrows

I would say that your eyebrows are different in shape more than different height.  Your right eybrow is more peaked than the left.  I recommend some well-placed Botox to even tings out.  The difference between the eyebrows is due to a muscle imbalance.  All of us are assymetrical in many ways, some more than others.

Talmage Raine MD FACS


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Uneven Eyebrows and Eye Shape

   I think you are being too critical of yourself.  Almost everyone has some sort of brow or eye symmetry.  Botox can be used to subtly alter brow shape, if you would like.

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