I'm 20 yrs old female. I have uneven eye lids. Can this be corrected? (photo)

I want my left eye to look bigger like the right one.

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Eyelid asymmetry

As my colleagues have said without glasses would be much more useful to comment!

It does however look like your left supratarsal crease is higher than the right. It is much easier to reposition the right side to match the left (by increasing the tarsal show) - which appears to be the polar opposite of your own assessment!

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Correcting eyelid asymmetry

It is hard to tell from your photograph however your left supratarsal fold, the fold above your eyelashes appears to be higher than that on the right.  This may be possible to be corrected by blepharoplasty.  However you need a formal ophthalmologic examination to determine if there is a difference in the size of the eyeball on the 2 sides.  If so you will need a consultation with an expert oculoplastic surgeon.

Wow, how about a photograph without the glasses.

This would be so helpful to provide a meaningful answer.  There is a difference between the two eyelids but it is pretty tough to determine what is going on behind those glasses.  So perhaps you might consider reposting do we can be of more help.

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