Uneven Ears After Cartilage Harvest for Rhinoplasty and the Surgeon Refuses to Fix That, Is that Right?

Hi, I asked some questions before about the issues I am facing after a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage graft.The ears are now uneven because of the cartilage harvest from the one conchal bowl.The surgeon thinks I am crazy and refuses to fix that (so I have to find another surgeon and pay a lot of money).Please tell me, is it really unreasonable to demand that?And can he refuse to do something about that? It is not my imagination,many others have noticed this marked asymmetry too.

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Uneven Ears after Harvesting Cartilage for Nasal Grafts

I've never seen significant asymmetry of the ears secondary to harvesting cartilage from the conchal bowl for nasal surgery. Symmetry of the ears is not a normal finding with or without surgery. It would be helpful if you submitted pictures taken before and after surgery.

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Ear issue after cartilage graft harvesting

It is somewhat unusual for you to have an ear deformity after having a cartilage graft harvested. It would be nice to have photos or examine you to see what the problem is.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Ear asymmetry

I have on occasion seen ear asymmetry when a very large conchal graft is harvested, which is why i usually use rib when lots of cartilage is needed.  The asymmetry that results is not easy to correct but fortunately is typically minor

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Uneven Ears After Cartilage Harvest for Rhinoplasty and the Surgeon Refuses to Fix That, Is that Right?

It is very unusual to suffer from ear deformity following the harvesting of ear cartilage graft.  I hope you have photographic evidence that such a deformity has occurred. This may convince him to help you.

Kris Conrad, MD
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Ear cartilage leaving asymmetry



Sorry about the assymetry you have.  It is difficult to give you an answer without photos.  

Also, was the rhinoplasty cosmetic or paid through insurance?


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