Uneven Conture After Tt, How Can You Tell if the Muscle Repair is Compromised?

3mth post tt, I have no more swelling and am back to normal. My left side feels tight and is flat but, right side feels loose and there is a bulge that is cool to the touch. I have had an ultrasound= no fluid. This same area had incr pain after the drain was pulled which caused a ripping sensation. I asked about the initial uneveness on the rt and on subseqent visits have been told it was lymphatic, then uneven skin relaxing, now residual fat.. Can you tell if the muscle plication has loosened?

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Uneven contour after tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

It is possible that your abdominal wall is uneven after a tummy tuck, especially if sutures or fascia was torn (either from stress or a trapped drain).  If your physical exam is not diagnostic of hernia or other problem a reasonable test would be an ultrasound.  This is non-invasive, involves no radiation, and is relatively inexpensive to obtain.  Ask you surgeon what is going on and if you do not get a satisfactory response consider getting another Board Certified plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

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Muscle repair intact?

Nothing is as good as an in person examination to tell if the abdominal wall tightening is intact. Second best would be some photos.  Without that I don't feel capable of offering a response. I certainly can't tell from the information provided if the plication has loosened.
Thanks for the question, and best wishes.

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Muscle plication and contour deformity

Without knowing what type of plication is done, it would be difficult to tell without a physical exam.  Normally the muscle plication is along the midline and sometimes in the lower quadrants parallel to the external obliques.  By your description it sounds more like there might be some redundant lipodystrophy that might need removal.  If you are not getting the answers you need, I would suggest going to another board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your concerns.

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