Uneven Breasts/uneven Nipples 1 Week Post Op? (photo)

hi im very worries and sadden by the look of my breasts , im one week post op and i had 375 cc cohesive silicone implants on both sides. i had a slight asymmetry to begin with but not very noticeable and the nipples were both facing up nothing going south ! and my surgeon also preferred to use the same size on both breasts . he marked me as b .i look very deformed and one nipple looking down ! im worried plz help and im wearing the binder been told to wear for 6 weeks . i

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There will be changes associated with further healing

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The asymmetry is in part created by pocket creation.  If the pocket is different from one side to the other your implants will sit asymmetrically and therefore the nipples will be in different positions with respect to the center of your implants.  At one week after surgery it is obviously early and you will undoubtedly see changes as further healing progresses.  It is hard to know if these changes will be sufficient to make the breasts look good enough for you.  If it is not at that time you can re-visit the need for revision breast surgery.  Hang in there and take periodic photos as these will help you see the changes as they are occurring.

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Asymmetry one week post op from breast implants.

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Thank you for the photos.  You are very early in the post operative course.  Your breasts will undergo several changes throughout the process.  Do tell your plastic surgeon about your concerns.

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