Options to Even out Breasts?

My left breast is around C and my right breast is around B, because of this I am considering a operation to correct it and would like to know the procedure and cost to do it.

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VIDEO: Breast asymmetry (uneveness) and its management

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Breast asymmetry correction is complex and can involve a variety of interventions to correct the various problems. I am attaching the first of a four part video discaussing the management of breast asymmetry.

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Several options to even out breasts

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You can think along these lines. You can:

1. Reduce the larger breast

2. Augment the smaller breast

3. Augment both, just use a larger implant in the smaller breast

Hope that helps!

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There are certainly ways to help

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Breast asymmetry is a lot more common than people realize. If you were to look at a number of my before and after photos on ReaslSelf and on my other websites it is common to see different volumes used in implants. It is also common for there to be different shapes which on occasion requires different approaches to try to improve symmetry. I always tell my patients that your breasts are "sisters, not twins, and asymmetry invariably will persist to some degree.

Dr Edwards

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