Uneven Breasts Immediately After Breat Augmentation? (photo)

I am 3.5 months post op. The day that I came home from surgery, my breasts were very uneven. (They weren't before surgery) My doctor told me to wear a strap over my right breast, which I did for 3 months, but it did not help. He said that my body heals differently on each side and if I want them more even that now I will need a revision. Is it possible that he didn't cut my muscles evenly from the start? My body didn't even have any time at all to heal before they were already lopsided.

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Uneven right after augmentation

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It is true that the skin envelope may be different on each side and time may be necessary to settle. The issue is how do you look now? If you are still as uneven as your photo some thing has gone awry and revision will be needed to solve it.

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Uneven Breast Augmentation Result?

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It's very difficult to tell much from the photograph you provided.  The fact that you were told to wear some sort of band over one breast and not the other implies that there was a sense that one implant was sitting higher.  Your doctor is correct that what occurs on one side may not mimic your healing on the other side.  It is possible that one implant was placed higher and, in this case, there isn't much you can do that is non-surgical to correct the problem.

I hope this helps!

...Dr. Newman

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
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Uneven Breasts Immediately After Breat Augmentation

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I can't tell from the photo if the left implant is too low or the right one too high, but they certainly look different in this photo. Assuming the sides were even as you say, it would seem that the pocket dissection was not done evenly. 

Some current photos would be helpful in terms of recommendations, but unless something changed dramatically in 14 weeks, I can understand your desire for a better outcome, and I think a revision surgery will be necessary. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Uneven after breast augmentation?

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Dear Eastman,

Thank you for your photo and question.  A current photo would be helpful for giving you advice on current plan of action.  I would assume that you would like the higher breast lowered to achieve a symmetrical result rather than the lower breast lifted.  The former is very easy to accomplish.  A simple release of the lower capsule can be done with very good results.  Lifting the other breast is much more difficult and requires much more extensive surgery.  It involves releasing the capsule over the top of the lower breast, cutting out and sutureing the capsule on the lower border of the lower breast and probably putting reinforcing material, such as a dermal matrix to strengthen the repair.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
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Capsulotomy (pocket release) may be needed

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Thank you for the question and photo.  You may be right in terms of the pocket not being released sufficiently.  What can or should be done at this time depends on how your breasts currently look (current photo is early post-op).  Capsulotomy and release of the pocket can be a very straightforward procedure and can even be done under local anesthesia.  I would discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon and try and reach a mutually satisfactory plan.  

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven Breasts Immediately After Breat Augmentation?

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I'm sorry for the concern but can you post a photo of what you look like now?  That will be more useful and, at that point, you can get some suggestions for what might help.  Are they the same size implants, and were you symmetric before?  Do you want to lower the higher one or raise the lower one?  It is, in general, easier to lower an implant than to raise one, so you may want to keep that in mind as you consider this.

Dr. E


Uneven Breasts Immediately After Breat Augmentation?

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Poorly posted one covered partial view! So can not truly comment as to result. Please repost frontal nude exposure

Revising breast augmentations

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IF you were truly even before surgery and IF this is an immediate postop photo, something looks odd there and if it is still the same you will need a revision most likely.  Discuss calmly with the doctor and show them the photo.

Pictures are incriminating

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of something not right.  When patients leave the OR, their breasts are close to even and do not have the discrepancies your photo shows.  Talk to your surgeon and if your photo is accurate, I would like to think he/she would want to make it better for you.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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