Uneven Breast Implant? or Would They Improve As It Heals?

400cc saline. fill max to 430cc both breasts to eliminate poss ripple. Rt slightly smaller, PS will fill little more on RT. The day of the surg. PS write "R" on rt breast for indication. 1 day post-op. Noticed obvious size diff on RT (smaller). Saw my PS. He says due from swelling. He did noticed LT impl. higher than RT. Now couple of days away from 4 wks post-op. I still see RT being smaller and not fully filled. Saw cert. card 430LT 400RT. Diff than what we agreed on. Using lap band he gave me

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Only 4 weeks out of Breast Surgery

Thank you for posting your photos. I would ask that you allow more time for healing and settling of the implants.  I would talk to your surgeon regarding aggressive downward massage to assist with the settling of the implants.  As the implants settle into the pocket, the shape and size do change so please wait to see the final result.  Once things have healed and settled, and if you are still not happy with the difference in size, have a discussion with your surgeon.

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Uneven Breast Implant? or Would They Improve As It Heals?

As you are only 4 weeks post op, I suggest that you give your breasts more time to heal before being too worried about the final appearance.  It will take up to 6 months for your breasts to have their shape.  If your doctor did indeed put more cc in the wrong side, you can bring this up to him/her, however 30cc is a very small amount (6 teaspoons) and not very noticible.  But I would certainly ask his/her opinion.  Good luck.

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Several Issues...

Dear callmesue73,

I am assuming that the implants are submuscular. To be perfectly honest, I believe that you have several issues to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Both implants are a little high (which may settle out) and the lower pole of the breasts are empty. This gives the appearance of the nipples being low. The volumes also look a little different right now. If this doesn't change, you will need to have the implants lowered, and possibly a lift to get the optimal breast shape and nipple position. The volumes can be addressed then. Good Luck.

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