Uneven breast augmentation. Will a revision surgery give me a better result?

June of 2012 I underwent a brest augmentation with a very respected Newport Beach plastic surgeon. I chose to go with 425cc saline implants through the nipple. In feb. Of 2012 I noticed my breasts were not even and I returned to my ps with my concerns. One breast fold is much higher and the breast a size smaller. He told me due to my natural assymetry my results are typical. He has offered to perform another surgery for an additional fee. My qiestion is, are better results achievable?

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Uneven after saline implants

Before you jump in to another procedure, make sure your implant is not slowly leaking as one of your breasts appear a little smaller but its difficult to tell by your photos alone. If there is no leak, then you need to decide if its worth it to you to pursue a revision. Your look from afar seems reasonable and if you are desiring perfection, very few surgeons can guarantee that (and if they do, get it in writing). In addition, breasts will change with time so you can expect that in the future. So unless you're perfect in every other way, I personally do not think its worth it until things change to where the concerns are more obvious.

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Uneven breast augmentation.

"Uneven breasts" can mean more than just unequal size. If it it due to mal-placement, then revision surgery may be indicated.

Personally, I prefer a less aggressive approachs than revision surgery, in selected cases by using autologous fat grafting (AFG) also called fat transfer to balance breasts.

Even the best implant augmentation can look and feel unnatural. By putting fat around breast implants, especially in the cleavage and upper breast areas, we can correct asymmetry, the appearance of contracture and 'done look" of implants.

When this is done under "awake anesthesia" I can put gloves on my patients hands, sit her up examine the symmetry and aesthetics of the breast and have the patient feel them and make fine corrections if necessary. Since using AFG more agressively, I have done many fewer open implant adjustments or implant exchanges. That option is still available if the AFG correction in insufficient, but rarely is necessary.

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Uneven breast augmentation. Will a revision surgery give me a better result?

I use adjustable saline implants in patients with asymmetry and for correction where asymmetry is a problem

See the attached link

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