Uneven Breast and Areola Position?

3weeks ago A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns blue: hallow spot on the chest black: distance from center line is very different green: distance from the areola to the ribcage L7cm R5cm red: one areola is bigger and pointing to the side and they differ very much in shape and my right breast is about 3cm lower than the left. Why are the areolas so different? too soon to judge? is this normal? Should I worry?

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Asymmetry of breasts

Yes there is some asymmetry, but you really need to wait and see how things settle before getting too upset.

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Our version of "A watched pot never boils" is a "watched breast never settles"

Let's cut to the chase. Yes it is possible you will have some persistent asymmetry but that is normal. No surgeon can ever guarantee you perfect symmetry as that essentially does not exist in the human body. Right now it s way too early to get worked up. For this point in time, you have an excellent result. Give it at least 6-9 months and at that time, if the asymmetry persists and is objectionable to you, you could consider a revision. However, there is nothing you should do about it now. So try to ease your mind.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Early breast augmentation results

It is too soon to worry as you have 3-4 months of healing to do.  Stay in close touch with your plastic surgeon and maybe take a close look at your preop photos as most of the things you see now were probably there before and are now just magnified.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Worry is like a rocking chair, right?

It's only been 3 weeks since your surgery, and things will look quite differerent in a few more months.  Please give your breasts time to heal and settle.  Scars also change dramatically over time, so give them at least a year.  Do keep seeing your plastic surgeon throughout the healing process, so lines of communication remain open and revisions can be discussed, if needed.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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