Uneven Breast After Surgery, and Different Sized Nipples?

A to a B cup, over the muscle 195cc, tear shape implants, lifting and areola reduction. In my pic I point out my concerns white: one breast is lower than the other one blue: hallow spot on the chest black: distance from center line is very different green: distance from the areola to the ribcage L7cm R5cm red: one areola is bigger and pointing to the side Is it too soon to judge? is this normal? should I worry?

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Anatomic differences and breast augmentation

Everyone has asymmetric breasts, and it is almost impossible to make the folds the same. The areola are all different as well.  I always point the differences out before surgery.

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Uneven Breasts After Surgery

No two breasts are exactly alike, and most patients look at their breast much more critically AFTER surgery and not before.  Without a pre-op photo and a standardized 3 month post-op picture it is really too early to judge.  There is still bruising and swelling around your breasts indicating that there will be continued changes to your body over time (implants will drop and skin/muscle will stretch). The nipple position can be adjusted with a areolar lift, but only slightly and the position after surgery often reflects the position before surgery.  There are a couple of issues with the measurements is that it is unclear as to whether your shoulders are even (if you are tilting to one side, a straight line drawn across a photo will not be accurate), and the mid-line black line you place on the image is too far to the right - not aligning with the mid-line of our abdomen and belly button - this results in a more subtle difference between the breasts. 

Be patient and visit with your surgeon to follow your progress. 

Best of luck

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

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You are not made of clay and there is not mold: Correcting Breast asymmetry is challenging

It is quite common for breasts to demonstrate pre-operative asymmetry which cannot always be corrected and when attempts to compensate for uneven breasts are instituted, there is a possibility of undercorrection or overcorrection. AS one professor once stated: if you were made of clay, i could use a mold and you would be perfectly even but we are treating biology ant that is not 100% predictable. It would help to know where you started.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Asymmetry is the norm in every woman's breasts


Would you have preop photos and be able to post them with the same analysis and measurements you have done for your postop photos? Many times the asymmetry is there and goes unnoticed. Adding implants (and a lift) does not correct all asymmetry.  If you measure every woman's breasts the way you have, you will find that close to 100% will have asymmetry.

Francisco Canales, MD
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Mastopexy Augmentation assymetry issues

Hopefully your surgeon counseled you on the risk of asymmetry with combined breast lift and breast augmentation surgery. In some clinical studies, the surgical revision rate with this combo operation is close to 50%. I would wait several months before considering any sort of revision surgery- a lot of things are going to happen with your breasts during that time frame- your nipple position will change (drop) almost certainly. Speak with your plastic surgeon about your concerns.

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Too Early To Tell Asymmetry

Without knowing how far along you are in the process of healing, it is hard to know exactly where things stand.  If you are only a month or less from surgery, then you still have alot of changes that are going to occur.  It generally takes at least three months with an augmentation and a lift to get to the final result.  Just be a patient and follow your surgeon's orders.  If it ha sbeen more then three months, then you should address your concerns with your surgeon, since they are probably done healing and changing at that point.  I hope this helps.

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Uneven Breasts and nipple asymmetry


  You  need to talk about your case to your doctor.  It seems that you have a donut mastopexy/lift and there are many limitations of this procedure.  I cannot see any vertical scars.  Your right implant is sitting higher than the left.  Your nipple complexes are obviously uneven.  You need to discuss the options with your doctor.

 If you were my patient, I would want you to let time go by so we could see how things will finally settle.  They will NOT correct themselves in your case.

  I think you need a formal repositioning of the implants (I like the implants under the muscle but this is personal preference), release of the capsules, and a formal keyhole breastlift.  At this time, the nipple areola complexes can be made even.

  You need to reposition the crease under the breasts.  You might have a capsule (scar formation) forming the fullness of the breast on the upper pole.  If so, then this needs to be released.

  Essentially, you need to discuss the options with your doctor and figure out what you can do and the risks of any approach.

            Steven M. Lynch, M.D.     Albany, New York

Steven M. Lynch, MD
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