2 Weeks Post Op; Uneven Breast After Breast Lift Normal?

my breast looks uneven after a breast lift surgery am 2 weeks post op now, my right breast look bigger and fuller than the left, before the surgery I had saggy breast and my left was bigger than my right, the doctor did a breast reduction to my left breast to end up now with the right big bigger than the left, its high from the top more, Any suggestions?

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How to fix uneven breasts after a breast lift

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It is quite common for the two breasts to heal differently. One may swell more, one may feel more uncomfortable, or the shapes may differ initially. After complete healing, they should look more similar and natural. Patience is required, but if you are concerned, ask questions to your doctor or the nursing staff.

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Uneven swollen breasts 2 weeks post breast lift

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You are very early into your post operative course. All women are a little asymmetric. It sounds like you were significantly uneven pre-op.  It is too early to tell wha tthe final result will be.  This may take months until the "final" result is seen.  Best to let your plastic surgeon know your concerns.  Together you will get through this process.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Too soon to tell

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2 weeks after breast surgery is too early to tell.  There may be swelling present, small fluid collecton or hematoma.  You need to give it more time to make a final judgment and remember that breast asymmtery is common. It is very rare that both breasts are identical.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Without direct examination or viewing pictures it is not possible to give you precise advice. My best suggestion would be to follow up closely with your plastic surgeon to rule out complications that may be contributing to breast asymmetry. Otherwise, once complications have been ruled out, patience will be indicated;  it may take several months and even up to one year to see the final results of surgery.

Best wishes.

Unever after Breast Lift, will things normalize?

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I would tell you that you are still very early in your post-op recovery. Allow time to pass, things will continue to change for 6 months to a year. Remember that your breasts are always different, I always tell my patients that they are sisters not twins, they will never be identical!

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven after breast lift.

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You were asymmetric before surgery, and at 2 weeks post-op, it is too early to tell if your present appearance is difference in swelling and healing (probable) or in final appearance (impossible to tell right now). Even with a photo it would not be possible to be absolutely certain, but without one, I would simply ask you to be patient and follow you own surgeon's advice based on his or her assessment as you heal. Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Post op course

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It's hard to make an evaluation without seeing preop and postop photos.  All in all, it's early in the recovery period so it's best to sit back and wait for healing.  If you would benefit from a revision then your surgeon would likely discuss this with you in about 6 or more wks post op.  

Justin Yovino, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry is normal. Slight differences may still be apparent after surgery, but some of the differences now may be due to swelling.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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