Uneven and Different Sizes 2 Months Post Op With Silicone Implants. What Are My Options? (photo)

My augmentation was February 13th. I am extremely uneven and different sizes. I have dual plane smooth silicone 375cc in each. What would you suggest in changes? Why am I so uneven?

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Asymmetry after breast augmentation

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Judging by your photos it seems as though there was a difference before surgery.  Perhaps some size difference but it seems as though there is more skin on the right.  After the breast augmentation that side may settle more which is noticeable as a difference.  You did not have much breast tissue before and if the implants are the same size the volumes should be about equal.  The shape however is different.  You plastic surgeon is best suited to examining you in person and discussing your options.

Thank you for the question and the photos and good luck.

Uneven Breasts After #BreastAugmentation Surgery

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From your photos, you have clear asymmetry in your results and this is likely a result of the skin excess and settling of the implants differently. The true correction for asymmetric skin excess is tightening of the breast "envelope" to help and match each side. See your surgeon or another board certified surgeon in your area to get an opinion in your area.

Best of luck,
Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Pre Op Breast Asymmetry Often Leads to Post Op Breast Asymmetry

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Your right breast had more skin and appears to be slightly larger than your left breast pre operatively.  The dual plane procedure that you had on both sides plus the implants accentuated this asymmetry.  It appears you have bilateral bottoming out of the implants with concurrent star gazing of the nipples.  I would recommend bilateral capsulopexies.  This is an internal lift to place tissue back on your chest wall and lower your nipples to a more desirable position, and on the right side, have a concurrent Benelli (circumareolar mastopexy).  This would even out the breasts and cause the least possible scarring.  


Please go back and see your personal plastic surgeon and allow him or her the opportunity to do your second stage breast modifications.  Your less than desirable surgical outcome happens to all plastic surgeons along the way.  A less than perfect result is not an indication that your surgeon is not adequate. 

Uneven and Different Sizes 2 Months Post Op

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It appears that the pockets are in need of improvement.

This is not going to take care of itself on its own.



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Asymmetry is normal in breasts and augmentation utilizing the same size implant in each breast may magnify the differences. A corrective surgery with different volumes in each implant will help correct the asymmetry.  I would recommend consulting with 2 -3 board certified plastic surgeons in your area to get an understanding of the optimal recommendation.

Breast asymmetry

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Asymmetry is normal for breasts and implants tend to magnify differences. Sometimes placing different volume implants may help balance the difference better.

Breast asymmetry more noticable after implants

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If asymmetry of the breast is not noted and accomodated during a breast augmentation the differences can become more noticable after the procedure. It is apparent in the 'before' that your one breast has a fuller skin envelope with more skin nipple to fold and more volume. With an equal implant on both sides the difference shows and in order to get better symmetry the larger breast might need a smaller implant, and a vertical tuck or lift to eqaulise the skin.

Asymmetry is more noticeable after breast augment

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Your preop photo shows an asymmetry. This could have been accounted for during surgery by use of slightly different sized implants or by differential inflation. You may need a revision to correct the breast pocket to bring the implants to the same height on your chest but I would recommend waiting at least six months before making any decisions to give things a chance to settle down more.

Uneven and Different Sizes 2 Months Post Op With Silicone Implants. What Are My Options?

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From the before posted photo your right breast was slightly larger and had more inferior length and volume. So the asymmetry went un noticed by your chosen PS. Now the result od using the same size implants and nor correcting the inferior right side excesses are very noted in the post op photos. In a revision surgery use a smaller implant on the right and have a verticle lift done. This should even things out. Best to seek second opinions in person from boarded PSs in your area. 

Uneven after breast augmentation

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It looks as though your asymmetry is due to an asymmetry of skin envelopes (each breast only has two components: skin and volume).  it is hard to see from the pictures if there is any asymmetry due to uneven pocket dissection, but it appears that you have developed soom "pseudoptosis" or bottoming out of the implants.  If your asymmetry is bothersome and you are pleased with your size (do you look good in a bra or bathing suit top?) you may benefit from a skin tailoring mastopexy (breast lift).

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