Uneven 3 Weeks After Breast Enlargement, Is this Likely to Correct Itself?

I have had a breast enlargement, 270 in my right and 240 in my left, round silicone gel implants From the day of my op my breasts appeared uneven Now 3 weeks on they are still uneven. The left is sitting high and the right is sitting lower andmuch further round towards my armpit. Because of this they look totally different shapes the left is like a vertical oval and the right is like a horizontal oval. How likely is it that the differences could be caused by swelling and they will settle?

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Post of breast asymmetry

It is far too early in the postoperative period to think that this is your final result. Since that advent of placement of implants into the submuscular position, many women have experience early postoperative asymmetry only to have the implants "settle" into their final position. Your breasts will change significantly over the initial 3 months after surgery, so what you are experiencing may be completely normal. However, there are other findings that can make the breast look asymmetric such as a hematoma (blood collection around the implant), so you should schedule a follow up with your surgeon to ease your concerns and to evaluate the possible causes. Best of luck. Dr. Renucci

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Uneven 3 Weeks After Breast Enlargement, Is this Likely to Correct Itself

Without photos, it is difficult to comment.  However, the one thing that will not change is the implant being close to your armpit.  This sounds like the pocket was made too large, and this will not correct itself.  At 3 weeks, you are too early to say for certain, but with photos, better advise can be given.

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Asymmetric after Augmentation

It is too early to know what your final result will be, though the more asymmetry present early, the higher the likelihood that it will be persistent.  You should follow-up with your surgeon to determine whether anything should be done non-operatively like strapping to attempt to improve the shape.

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Breasts Uneven 3 Weeks After Augmentation

While it is hard to say without a picture or examination, ask your surgeon if a bra or strap would be helpful at this time.

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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination or pictures.

However,  one thing is certain:  it is much too early to judge final symmetry of the breasts when you are only 3  weeks out of your surgical procedure. The asymmetry that you are experiencing may be related to temporary breast implant position asymmetry.

I would suggest continued patience and follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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