Uneven After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation on Aug 22, 2012. At the consult my surgeon suggested 400 HP saline implants to get the look that I wanted. They were a bit big for me, (im 5,1 95lbs) but I trusted his judgement. When I came out of surgery, the nurses told me he did one at 400 & one at 440. Well to me, I look very uneven. I'm all for the 440, but I look rudiculous because of the difference between my left breast & my right one. Maybe one hasn't dropped. Idk. I can't tell

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Uneven after Breast augmentation using High profile implants

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It is impossible to say much with out both the preoperative and post operative photographs. Allow more time to pass, you are not healed as of this time.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Uneven After Breast Augmentation?

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It may take 3 to six months for the implants to settle into place, so before then it is a bit early to know what the final outcome may be. 

Without a photo to look at , it is not possible to make any specific comment on your particular situation. Consider attaching, preferable before surgery and after. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

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You are correct in that, given you are only approximately 6 weeks out of your surgery, that breast implants may have not completely “settled”;  this asymmetric settling may contribute to breast asymmetry. You will find that your best resource will be your own plastic surgeon as opposed to online consultants,  who  are not able to provide you with concise advice (especially without doing pictures…).

 I would suggest that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon and see if he/she has any advice to help improve the breast asymmetry.  He/she will also be in the best position to rule out complications that may result in breasts asymmetry.

Best wishes.

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