Undesirable Effects of Fraxel Repair?

I have mild shallow acne scarrings on my temple that I would want to treat with fraxel repair but I am worried about the effects of such laser treatment. Is hyperpigmentation unavoidable after fraxel repair (I dont want to wait for months for such hyperpigmentation to go away)? Why do some people get hyperpigmentation weeks after the treatment? And why do I hear stories like fraxel repair create laser tracks on the face and casue permenant scarring on the face?? I am really worried. Please help.Thx

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Fraxel Repair

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Like most things in plastic surgery, the procedure and technique is only as good and safe as the doctor performing it.  I've had the Fraxel Repair in my office for 4 years without a single complication.  It has a much better safety profile than other CO2 lasers.  Sometimes people will use the term Fraxel, but the laser used was another brand of laser.  Do your research on the provider and ask them specifically about their complications.  Good Luck

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