Can undereye fillers help with dark circles and undereye bags?

I'm diagnosed with Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome and also have a tendency towards bad scarring(hypertrophic) so my geneticist have adviced me to stay away from selective surgery. I'm therefore looking into the possibility of fillers to remove/reduce undereye bags and dark circles, and hopefully make me look less tired.

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Undereye fillers may help improve the dark circles.

If you have prolapsed fat in the lower lids, this will create a shadow in the tear trough and make it look dark. The skin here is very thin and for this reason may appear darker as well. And certain patients have a genetic predisposition to darker skin in this area. When you put some filler in the tear trough, you will diminish the shadowing, which will usually make the skin appear lighter. This also helps to stretch the more pigmented skin, which will make it appear lighter.

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