Does an Underwire Bra Interfer with the Dropping Process After 6 Months of Breast Implants?

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The simple answer is no

The "dropping process" after breast implant surgery typically occurs over the first 6-8 weeks during which time the tissues are stretching somewhat to accomodate the implants.  There are alot of factors that influence the rate and degree of dropping such as the elasticity of the tissues, pregnancy history and the weight and size of the implants.

Typically an underwire bra is not encouraged immediately after surgery to avoid irritation of the suture line and to allow the natural, normal early implant settling/positioning to occur.  The dropping process should be final well before 6 months unless there are other factors such as pregnancy or large weight fluctuations.  Wearing an underwire bra at that time is a personal choice and completely acceptable but will have little impact on implant positioning out of the bra.



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Breast Augmentation and Use of Bra?

Thank you for the question. The use of an underwire bra will probably not interfere with “dropping” of breast implants at your stage of recovery.

Check with your own plastic surgeon if you have had a delay in breast implant dropping.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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At 6 months post-op, bra (or not) should make no difference!

Although final scar maturation, skin stretch, and resolution of all swelling may take as long as a year or so, by 6 months post-op, the vast majority of patients will have their implants in the position they will remain. Any kind of bra will shape and support the breasts in varying types of clothing choices, but will have very little effect in altering any final implant position--you're pretty much "there" already! So wear whatever you wish and enjoy your new look!

That being said, your scars may still be pink, and therefore still incompletely matured. They are still susceptible to darkening with sun exposure (tanning beds also!), and can still flatten, stretch, and soften a bit more. The same can occur with your internal scars (the capsule around your implants). So subtle changes may still develop over time. Thus, the best advice is to vary your bra style and type so that you aren't persistently "pushing" or "lifting" your breasts in a way you don't want them permanently! And if you still wish for a little more dropping, go braless from time to time.

Best wishes!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Underwire Bra Will Not Affect Dropping Of Implants At 6 Months.

Dear Meryl101,

Photos would be helpful, but your implants should be in their final position at 6 months. Wearing a bra at this stage is appropriate for overall support of your breasts, but most likely will not affect dropping or "bottoming out" of your implants. If you are unsure, see your surgeon for their opinion.

Douglas L. Gervais, MD
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Underwire bra

An underwire bra should have no effect on your breast implants at six months after surgery.  But you should check with your surgeon on how he wants you to manage things.

Steven Wallach, MD
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