Underwire Bra After 4 Weeks Since BA?

I had my ba 2 and half weeks ago. I was very flat chested definitely not even an A cup. No breast tissue at all. My frame is really small too so my surgeon only suggested 200 cc unders through transaxillary. I am happy with the size though i slightly wish i was able to go bigger. i think my surgeon still did a good job considering on how flat my breast were. I need to go on a trip 2 weeks from now which will be around a month after the surgery, would it be really bad to wear an underwire bra??

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Bra choices after surgery

Thank you for your question. My patients will have a surgical bra that I place at the time of surgery. They normally wear this for the first week or two and then transition to a sports bra that opens in the front. By six weeks, if their implants have sufficiently descended, I let my patients know they can start wearing a normal bra (including a push-up bra). They may still undergo some changes which can change their bra preferences a few months later.

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Underwire Bras After Breast Augmentation

You should probably talk to your surgeon to find out why they recommended that you wear an underwire bra. Generally, I recommend patients avoid wearing underwire bras for the first two months following surgery because they can cause complications like irritation of your incision lines and displacement.You can start wearing an underwire bra 2 months after surgery if it is comfortable. For advice suited to your situation, however, please ask your surgeon.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Underwire bra after 6 weeks

Each surgeon has a slightly different protocol but from the posts most surgeons say 4-6 weeks before an underwire bra can be worn.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Underwire bra?

I usually don't have my patients wearing underwire until at least 4-6 weeks.  What's most important with underwire is to be sure the wire truly is in your fold, and not pushing into your breast.

Scott E. Newman, MD, FACS
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Underwire bra after breast augmentation

I usually tell my patients they can wear an underwire bra four weeks after their procedure. However, each surgeon does things a little differently.  It may be best to ask your surgeon what he or she recommends. 

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Underwire bra after Breast Augmentation

I tell my patients to wait at least 6 weeks before they wear an underwire bra. Every doctor has different recommendations so it is best if you consult with your plastic surgeon. Being that the incision was trans-axillary, you might be able to wear an underwire bra for a few hours for an outing but I would suggest talking to your doctor.

Leo Lapuerta, MD
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Underwire bra

As you can see all surgeons do have different protocols and you should follow the recommendations of your surgeon who you paid to care for you. i allow my patients to wear and underwire bra within four weeks if they have had an incision in the breast fold. with a transaxillary approach it would be sooner

Richard Linderman, MD
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Underwire bra ok after breast augmentation as long as not painful or tender

I tell my patient they can wear a regular underwire bra (no extra push up padding) after surgery as soon as they wish as long as it is comfortable.  I tell them to avoid the bras that have the extra push up padding for 8 weeks since it is best to allow the implant to sit properly in the lower pole of the breast until the capsule has formed.  Certainly you should discuss this with your surgeon.  Best wishes.

Louise Ferland, MD
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Underwire bra after a breast augmentation

Regarding when you can wear a underwire bra after your breast augmentation, it is important to ask your surgeon because we all have different protocols. I personally tell my patients to avoid it for 6 weeks. This is because it may irritate the incision if it is in your breast fold, but more importantly, it is important to allwo the implants to "settle" into position. Underwire bras tend to hold the imlants in a high position and prevent or delay the normal dropping into a natural position.  Specifically with transaxillary placement, I find that the implants tend to stay "high" a little longer so this is even more reason to avoid underwire. Again ask your surgeon.

Matthew Schulman, MD
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Underwire bra after breast augmentation

Every doctor is different.  Indeed, every patient is different, and the plastic surgeon may modify his own protocol depending on the operation.  In our office, we have patients in a sports bra for several weeks.  We then liberalize them into a more aesthetic but still supportive bra.  We have them wear under-wires after that.  Best to talk to your plastic surgeon and then follow his guidance.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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