Underwent TT with Full Muscle Repair and Lipo to Flanks 8weeks Ago. My BB Looks Terrible? (photo)

The inside looks disgusting and there is no "hood". In addition, it is a triangle shape. Below my BB is rock hard and has been with little to no improvement since the procedure. PS states all is fine. Post op was complicated by a terrible contact dermititis requiring prednisone. PS is board certified, fancy NYC office. Also have terrible dog ears but that is the least of my worries. Thougths on what I can do? I have lost total faith in my PS. Would another PS even speak to me at this point?

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Belly Button Issues

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You are fairly early in the healing process.  The incisions typically look very fine/delicate the first week or two  after surgery but as the healing process occurs these incisions tend to become a bit more coarse looking over the next several months.  As the body heals these incisions soften and become more refined.  The maturation process may take up to a year.  The tissue will soften considerably over this time also.  Continue your post care with your PS.  A second opinion and subsequent management may prove to be difficult at this point.


Dr. ES

Belly button following tummy tuck

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A full abdominoplasty requires the surgical creation of a new belly button. Creating the new belly button, which is called an umbilicoplasty, is a part of tummy tuck surgery that requires a great deal of attention and finesse on the part of the surgeon. My goal is to create a new belly button that, as much as possible, resembles a 'natural' belly button. Natural belly buttons do NOT look like a perfect circle, and circular umbilicoplasty scars are a tummy tuck dead giveaway.

The technique I use for umbilicoplasty is designed to create a slightly 'hooded' appearance to the upper half of the belly button, an appearance that is generally considered fit and athletic. Not all patients have the goal of wearing a two-piece swimsuit, but many do, and I want these patients to be able to do so without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their new belly button.

Having said that, give your healing some time and communicate regularly with your plastic surgeon about your concerns

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Dissatisfaction with Tummy Tuck Result

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     You are early in your recovery, and you should give yourself time to heal.  Your plastic surgeon will want to make you look as good as possible.  Give yourself until at least 6 months to consider a revision.

Underwent TT with Full Muscle Repair and Lipo to Flanks 8weeks Ago. My BB Looks Terrible?

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Sure another PS would see you in consult. But you might have to pay a consult fee of $50 to $250. Best to ask over phone. 

Early in the healing process following an abdominoplasty

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Even at 8 weeks you are very early in the healing process and certainly your episode of dermatitis will delay things a bit.  If you did not get the result you were expecting please have a thoughtful controlled conversation with your plastic surgeon.  We work to please our patients and achieve the results that they were expecting.  Surgery, unfortunately, does not always turn out the way we expect.  When expectations are not met then it is easy to be upset.   I am sure that your surgeon will be willing to care for you for the whole healing process and make suggestions as far as revision if they become necessary.  If you have lost the trust in your surgeon then a second opinion is always available and most plastic surgeons would certainly give you a fair evaluation and make suggestions for after care.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Belly button looks terrible

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You are very early in the healing process and should reserve judgment until you have undergone the full healing.  Relay your concerns to your plastic surgeon.

It takes time to see final results

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The post operative course can be different for every patient.  Scars take 6 months to stabilize and sometimes upto a year.  Having had dermatitis may prolong your healing time as well.  Also, having a hard belly button is a sign of normal postoperative swelling.  All of these issues take time to resolve before the final shape is obvious.  I am pretty sure that is what your plastic surgeon is thinking, and I do not believe that any board certified plastic surgeon would tell you otherwise.  You should mention your concerns to your surgeon, since what you feel is a problem may simply be a normal post surgical process which takes time to resolve.  If you do not communicate with your surgeon he/she will never know what you are thinking and you will never know what they are thinking.  This is true in plastic surgery and in life.

Dev Wali, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Too Early to Evaluate Tummy Tuck Scars

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Thank you for sharing your photos. I am sorry that you are unhappy with your result. Your scars are slightly raised as they can be at this stage of healing.  It is too early to start evaluating the outcome.  If your umbilical results have not improved by 12 months, you can consider an umbilicoplasty to improve the appearance.   Best wishes!

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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Wound healing

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Scars are at the thickest and reddest at 6-12 weeks after surgery. This scar will appear less and less noticeable as healing continues; The shape of the navel is one of many that different surgeons use. I suspect that as the scar subsides, the issues will all diminish. 

Although you can choose to get a second opinion at any time, chances are that any surgeon you see will recommend waiting until at least 6 months after surgery.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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