I Underwent Breast Reduction with Lift. How Will This Heal?

I had a lift and breast reduction. I believe I have lost the areola to necrosis and possibly nipple. I see my PS weekly for debride. I use Syntal twice daily with saline wet to dry dressing. What happens next? Will I need skin graft? I have no idea how this will heal. I trust my doc, but he won't commit to how long or what result could be.

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Reductions include lifts

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and I'm sorry to hear of your predicament.  Trust your surgeon to help you through this with good wound care and debridements when indicated.  It will heal and once healed, then you can get a better idea of what will be needed to restore you to 'normal' as best possible. 

Loss of the areola after breast reduction is rare but can be corrected.

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Once the area heals completely, which may take months, reconstruction of the nipple and areola can take place. There are a variety of options which will be discussed with your plastic surgeon.

Healing problems post breast reduction

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You are wise to be patient and allow the healing process to complete itself prior to pushing for additional surgery. The need for and type of additional surgery will depend greatly on how your breasts look after healing is complete. It is sometimes very surprising how well things can look after a couple of months. Hang in there and continue to be open with your surgeon. I hope ot goes very well for you.

Patti A. Flint, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Healing problems around of the nipple and areola after a breast reduction

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If you have really lost all of the areola and nipple due to vascular compromise then then there is really nothing you can do until it fully heals.  You may be pleasantly surprised that some of the areola and nipple may survive.  This would simplify the reconstruction process.  

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