Need to Understand the Swelling Process of Mid/lateral Nasal Osteotomies

After my 1st surgery, my nose immediately looked very narrow. Slowly, it began to widen (doctor didn't properly instruct me on nasal exercises). Just a few days ago, I underwent my third revision (lateral / mid osteotomies and I have an implant in place on my bridge from a prior surgery). Doctor said he maximally narrowed the nose. Cast came off today - bones are definitely much narrower, but I only see slight improvement. My skin doesn't appear to be draping (to give me that really narrow look)

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Width of bone

One week post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - there will be soft tissue swelling over the bones which will take weeks/months to resolve

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Swelling Process after Nasal Osteotomies

If the bones are much narrower, you can look forward to a good result. The "swelling" is always temporary, and your skin will drape better when that resolves.

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