I will need surgery to correct my crooked nose, but what is the probability that surgery will be successful? (photo)

My nose was broken in little league baseball and once I am now older I want to correct this imperfection. Can I be helped, and if so what do I need to know going in? Also, what would be your best estimate on the cost of my surgery based on what you can see? Here are some pics.

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Surgery to correct broken nose

In the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon the nose should be straighter and your breathing, if there are problems should be corrected. I remind patients that the two sides of the nose will not be identical, since the nature of the face is asymmetrical to start with.

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Correcting a broken nose

Thank you for your question.

You need to be examined by a Board Certified Plastic surgeon to see if you also need to have your septum repaired. If so, insurance will pay for part of your procedure. Partial payment from your insurance may help you substantially. Expect to have your nose re-broken. Expect prolonged swelling (4-6 months). Expect visible improvement and if your septum is repaired expect to breathe better. 
Texas avg price $8K

Dr. H

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Rhinoplasty to straighten a broken and crooked nose

To straighten a broken nose, medial and lateral osteotomies of the nasal bones will be needed and a cartilaginous spreader graft should also be placed underneath the concave upper lateral cartilage in the mid vault area.

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Straightening a crooked nose should be successful with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

Straightening a crooked nose should be successful with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. The cost will vary on the skill of the surgeon as well as geography. The average cost is $6-$8000.  

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Rhinoplasty Candidate?

There are no lateral pictures and no smiling pictures but base on the few pictures that you post, you can benefit from narrowing the bridge,narrowing the nasal tip, and defining the nasal tip. In my NJ practice the total cost of this surgery is $4100 which includes the professional, anesthesia, and facility fees. Insurance may cover any functional problem like an airway obstruction or deviated septum.
Consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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