I understand you say it's not covered but I've had 3 C-sections my first was up and down?

I gained 115 lbs from my first pregnancy and since the first it's been 14 years and have only lost a total of 82 lbs but my stomach hangs and is flab and can do nothing but tuck it in my pants and has a bad odor in the creases what can I do?

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Tummy tuck

I think your questioning if insurance will pay for a tummy tuck in your situation. Maybe, but very unlikely. Insurance companies almost never pay for tummy tucks regardless of the situation.

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I understand you say it's not covered but I've had 3 C-sections my first was up and down?

If you are referring to insurance coverage for an abdominoplasty, it is only covered by certain insurance companies under certain strict guidelines. For example if the abdominal redundancy and hanging pannus is secondary to massive weight loss after a lap-band and causes the problem you have referred to, i.e. intertrigal infection which does not respond to conservative management, then some insurance companies may consider covering a portion of the cost. However, you will not know until your plastic surgeon requests pre-certification and the procedure is done. In most practices, be prepared to pay the full charges and possibly get something back from your insurance if they decide to cover.

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I understand you say it's not covered but I've had 3 C-sections my first was up and down?

You can get the pannus (hanging part) removed or have a tummy tuck. The pannus will help with the cleanliness, but will not improve the contours to the same extent as the tummy tuck.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Insurance for a TummyTuck

I'm not sure but it sounds like you are asking about insurance coverage for a tummytuck because of previous scarring. You can always ask your company and get a preauthorization. In our office, and in most cosmetic surgery offices, we have a set fee for the surgery which the patient pays in full prior to the surgery. If they get coverage from their insurance carrier, that money goes to them and we are happy to speak with the carrier. However, in my experience there is no insurance coverage for what is a cosmetic procedure as opposed to one of medical necessity.

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Great question re tummy tuck

By your description is sounds that you would be a very good candidate for a tummy tuck which would likely remove your c-section scar. Best to have an in person consultation.

Surgical options depend on weight and exam

Thanks for your question. There are different options for skin excess. One option is to just remove the wedge of skin excess. This is called a panniculectomy. It does not address the possible muscle separation or weakness. An abdominoplasty is a more cosmetic procedure that not only removes excess skin and fat but also can tighten the muscles. Typically an abdominoplasty is paired with liposuction to contour the entire waist line. To be a candidate for this surgery your BMI would need to be less than 30 and ideally closer to 25.

You should meet with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is an ASAPS member for an exam and consultation. Best of Luck!

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