If You Have Undergone a Breast Reduction in the Past Can It Be Re-done?

I underwent a reduction in 2004 and since then have gained some weight. My breasts are fuller with a little drooping. Can a person undergo a repeat bilateral breast reduction or would some other procedure be beneficial? I am a 38 DD.

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Repeat breast reduction

Yes you can undergo another reduction.  You will want to bring your old operative notes with you if you are seeing a new surgeon.  The method of reduction and where the blood supply is positioned is vital piece of information in planning the second reduction.  I do agree that your weight should be stable.

I would recommend weight loss, if possible, before the surgery.  Breast are largely fat.  If you achieve a significant weight loss it is likely that you would only need a lift. 

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Repeat Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to undergo repeat breast reduction surgery. You mentioned some weight gain;  it would be in your best interest to undergo  the breast surgery after you have achieved a long-term stable weight.

One of the concerns your plastic surgeon will have in regards to the previous breast reduction surgery is related to blood flow to the remaining breast tissue;  is important to perform the operation in such a fashion that the blood flow to the nipple/areola/breast tissue is not compromised.   The  part of the tissue that is left in place  after breast reduction surgery is called the “pedicle"; this segment of tissue is responsible for delivering the blood supply to the nipple/areola/ breast tissue. If the pedicle (that was used during the previous breast reduction procedure)  is cut  then the blood flow to tissues may be compromised leading to serious competitions such as tissue necrosis etc.

It may be helpful for you to find the previous surgeon's  operative report  prior to the redo surgery.

I hope this helps.

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