Can A Botox Eyebrow Lift and a Hair Implant on my Eyebrows be Done Together?

Are both a botox eyebrow lift and a hair implant needed to even out the look and make eyebrows symmetrical? Are the side effects different in the eyebrows that other areas where botox is commonly used?

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Browlift/Botox/Hair Transplantation

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Botox, Browlift and Eyebrow Hair Restoration may all be performed in one person, but not simultaneously and not in that order!  Each of these procedures does something different:

  • Browlift: surgical placement of the eyebrow in a more youthful position.  Generally performed endoscopically through small incisions within the hair.
  • Botox: now know as "neuromodulator therapy", Botox and its competitors produce a relaxation of the muscles into which they are injected.  This leads to softening of wrinkles that have formed from repetitive muscle activity.  When neuromodulators are injected under the eyebrow, they can also lead to a small brow elevation.
  • Eyebrow hair restoration: done to replace the missing eyebrow hairs.  Most commonly performed using modern follicular unit hair transplantation methods.  That is, implanting individual hairs to produce a natural result.

If someone desired all three of these procedures, I would recommend undergoing the Browlift procedure first, to place the eyebrow in a normal or youthful position.  After healing for 4-6 weeks, follicular unit hair transplantation may then be undertaken to fill in the eyebrow.  Often more than one session is necessary.  After the final hair restoration session, Botox may be used at any time to lessen the appearance of Crow's Feet or Frown Lines. 

Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

Botox and hair transplant

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Botox should not have any effect on brow hair transplant.  Typically one would get the hair transplant while there is no botox present so as not to distort your natural brow shape.  

Kevin Ende, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

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