Undereye Wrinkles

I am in my early 30s and have deep middle undereye wrinkles when I smile, I was hoping for some advice for treatment options and expected outcomes.

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Under eye wrinkles

There are 2 options to address the under eye wrinkles.  First, the surgeon has to determine if there is extra skin on the lower lids at rest, not upon animation.  If there is excess skin , a small pinch technique is used to trim the skin and Histocryl tissue glue is used to close the incision at the lash line.   Second option would be to consider fractionated CO2 laser on the lower lids

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Nonsurgical Treatment for Undereye Wrinkles

Undereye wrinkles is a common concern with my patients in New York. Based on what you've mentioned, these lines when you smile could be a part of your natural facial expression. I recommend you see a specialist who can possibly recommend nonsurgical under-eye treatments such as Botox or Dysport, which can help diminish the appearance of lines by relaxing the muscles when you smile. At my medispa I offer Pelleve Skin Tightening for treatment around the eye area to help tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. Laser treatments maybe another possibility.

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Undereye Wrinkles

 Botox or Dysport can soften the lines while a lower eyelid 30% TCA peel can be done  for further softening of the unwanted lines and wrinkles.

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Photos would be helpful

Depending on where the wrinkles are, and when they occur [dynamic vs static], either botox injections or laser treatment/skin peels would be the best option for you.

Good luck

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Undereye Wrinkles

It is prety hard to answer questions regarding looks when we don't know what you look like. It would be better if you resubmit the question with full face photos smiling and expressionless. But in general you might get a consultation regarding things like botox and laser or chemical peel treatments.

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