Underdeveloped Jaw Surgery? Possibly Also Have TMJ, How to Get Insurance to Pay for It?

Im 16,I currently have braces,I was about to get them off a couple of days ago,but my mom(who is a hygienist)didnt think my teeth were ready so she took me to a different orthodontist and he said the reason my teeth arent aligning well is because I have an underdeveloped jaw,he measured and i have 6-7mm of space there and said I could qualify for the surgery,but we have looked at the insurance policy they dont want to cover it but i also have some symptoms of TMJ,what could we do to get covered?

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Insurance Coverage For Orthognathic Jaw Surgery

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You need to have a consultation with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofaical Surgeon who will perform the surgery and work in conjunction with the orthodontist.  The surgeon will get the surgery approval from the insurance company.  He/She will have to submit, photos, Radiogaphs, Cephalometric analysis, measurements and possibly models.  This takes some time to do epending on the insurance company. The doctor may need to write a letter of necessity as well. I often have to argue with the insurance company personally to get the necessary surgery approved.  Once the information is submitted, you or your parent as the paying person for the insurance can call and speak to the case worker to speed up the process.  Hope this helps

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