Is there any way I can have a perfect smile without going for traditional metal braces? What are my options? (photos)

I am 29 years old . I have underbite and crowded upper teeth. I have tried to postpone my teeth correction since long and now am tired of hiding my smile. Is there any way I can have a perfect smile without going for traditional metal braces? What are my options? Can Invisalign help me?Thank you.

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Here are your options...

I see two options:

Option #1:  Metal braces

Option #2:  Complete smile rehab by an excellent cosmetic dentist.  I would do some research on this site and look at the before and after photos that cosmetic dentists have posted and also look them up and view their websites for more photos and information.  Once you have narrowed your search down to a couple doctors, I would choose one of them and get your teeth fixed.  I have fixed cases like yours in 1-2 appointments at my office.  Your case is pretty complicated, but complicated is generally what I do.  I like doing seemingly difficult cases because the results are just so dramatic and patients usually cry when they see their teeth in the end.  
Good luck to you and it's time to stop being embarrassed of your smile; do something about it now.
Sarah Thompson, DMD   O'Fallon, IL  and  Saint Louis, MO

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Some cases have single solutions

While it would be nice to have some of the new products that we see in advertising, quite often the only solution is traditional.  

"Perfect has a price"

Invisalign has limitations, so while the majority of cases CAN use Invisalign, some cases can't.  This appears to be one of the "can'ts" and should be evaluated by an orthodontist.  This likely requires surgery.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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29 year old with underbite wants perfect smile

When there is a major discrepancy in the size of the upper and lower jaw bones the best approach s to start with a growth appliance.  I strogly Rx looking at Epigenetic Orthodontics utilizing the DNA appliance.  It can grow the bones in 3 dimensions and create a better profile as well as smile.

There is additional benefit of increasing your airway and improving overall health.

The DNA Appliance is removable and is only worn 12-14 hours/day so you have 10-12 hours with no appliance. The DNA appliance is the best way to achieve the same or better results than having two phase ortho as a child

Ira Shapira, DDS
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