Under Eye Lump - Causes and Treatment?

I have a small lump that appears under my eye. At times it doesn't look like it is there but when I smile it comes up. I thought it was just the bags under my eyes, but it is definately different than the other eye. Any thoughts? Any way to treat it?

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Multiple causes for lumps under the eye

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There are many causes for a lock on the eye. This may be due to a nevus or mole, an intradermal nevus, or a small amount of fat. Your best bet is to make a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced in facial rejuvenation surgery. The options that he will make depend entirely on the underlying cause of this month. You may be a candidate for a small surgical procedure where this lump is identified and easily removed. Many of these surgeries may be done with an incision on the inner surface of your lower eyelid so that you will not have any obvious incisions on your face. It is also possible that he may choose to inject a slump with a medication that may help shrink it.

Possibly a vein

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Some people have lower eyelid veins that come and go depending on their facial expressions and are located in the lateral third of the lid.  These can be treated in many ways and I have had success with ligaton and division of them.  Usually, they sem to only appear on one side of the face.

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