What is an Uncommon Filler That Has a Swelling Effect?

5 years ago I got a rhinoplasty and the bridge is uneven and assymetrical. I have used fillers such as radiesse restylane and juviderm to give my bridge a more "augmented" or swelled look. Everytime it is first injected it looks awesome, then it goes down. I feel like these fillers arent giving me that swollen look i want. Maybe swollen isnt the right word.. -more full. Is there an uncommon filler that can given me a more swelled look.

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Using fillers for augmenting nose bridge

The fillers you have used thus far are the safest options. There is a "permanent" filler on the market which contains small beads that never dissolve. This also means that if you don't like the outcome, it's something you'll have to live with and even surgical removal may not be an option since the beads are widely dispersed in the skin - and nose bridges have little tissue to spare!

Your best option might be a revision rhinoplasty by a surgeon who specializes in that particular surgery..

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Permanent Fillers

   There are fillers that are longer lasting, but I am not sure I would recommend that without an exam and without explaining all of risks and benefits of long-term filler injection in the nose.  For most noses, the rhinoplasty is just a better more predictable option.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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