I am unhappy with the results of my Rhinoplasty. How do I voice my concerns without offending my surgeon? (photos)

Hello I had rhinoplasty in November to reduce the length the tip and some bone work and my nose was large and off centre to begin with and I had rhinoplasty to correct it but to me it hasn't and I'm not happy with the results I've got an upcoming appointment but don't want to offend my surgeon cause he's a lovely man. And my nostrils are uneven and the tip is still ball like too. One side is flatter than the other here's a few pics. I still take the odd ibuprofen even though the swelling is gone.

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I am unhappy with the results of my Rhinoplasty. How do I voice my concerns without offending my surgeon?

  It is too early to judge the final result as swelling can still be altering what you see.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Not happy with rhinoplasty

If you are not happy with your rhinoplasty, PLEASE talk to your surgeon.  Rhinoplasty is one of the, if not THE, most difficult surgeries to perform with consistently good results and your surgeon will want to know what is going on with your nose.  Seeing another surgeon in the immediate post-operative period is a bad idea in most cases, because they don't know all that happened with your surgery and the changes that you are seeing could all be due to swelling and post-operative changes.  If your surgeon does not adequately address your concerns, then seeing another surgeon would be a wise decision.

P. Daniel Ward, MD
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Unhappy with rhinoplasty results

Since your rhinoplasty surgery was in November, your nose has only had 2-3 months of healing time.  It will take 6-12 months before you begin to see any results.  The tip takes the longest to recover, so there still will be some change in your appearance with more time.  I would wait at least the 6-12 months and then begin to judge the appearance.  If you feel you are still unhappy at that point, you should voice your concerns to your surgeon.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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