Unbearable Pain in my Backside Teeth (Upper and Lower)?

i did place veneers for my upper and lower front teeth recently...8 up and 8 below....now i started severe pain in my backside teeth (upper and lower) especially after eating light meals...please help....i cant take the pain any longer....sarcastically, the 16 tooth i placed veneers on are simply amazing and not hurting at all....what is hurting me are the back tooth i was grinding on them when i was having my temp composites for two weeks...i checked my bite and it was ok as well. pls help

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Backside of teeth hurting?

I suggest you start with over the counter fluoride rinse and sensadyne tooth paste for 2-3 days if no improvement you may need root canal on these the nerve in a tooth can from any trauma large or small good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD

Springfield Dentist

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