Can an umbilicoplasty improve the look of a belly button after pregnancy on a petite person? (photo)

I know it may seem trivial, but I've been unhappy with my belly button since having my daughter 4 years ago. I'm 5'0 93 lbs, I don't feel like I have enough loose skin for a tummy tuck. It's the little bit above my belly button that bothers me. Is there any good options for this? I've researched reverse abdominoplasty and umbilicoplasty, it seems that perhaps neither would be right for me. Can anything be done? I've put pictures of my belly button now and how I'd like it to look(more "open") thanks.

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Belly Button Fix, Umbilicoplasy, helps many after pregnancy

You would seem to be an ideal candidate from your photos for an umbilicoplasty. It is usually performed as an office procedure using local anesthesia.

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Belly button revision procedures in Los Angeles

Our office specializes in belly button makeover surgery. We would recommend a combination of belly button skin resurfacing with laser, followed by a belly button plasty to tighten the excess skin.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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