Umbilicoplasty or Floating Mini Correction? (photos)

I recently had endoscopic repair of my diastasis recti. I opted for endoscopic due to scar concerns (body building goals) & conflicting information on floating a belly button (too low, flat looking, just bad results). I had about a 6 cm separation so can clearly see the results. My PS thinks my excess bb skin (and perhaps too large looking bb) may be corrected with umbilicoplasty & nonsurgical skin tightening. Any risk to trying umbilicoplasty first or is a mini with floating really needed?

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Your aesthetic result following the endoscopic diastasis repair is very good.  I completely agree with the majority in this panel, and would also recommend you not try to improve anything at this time as the result may be worse.

At most, non-invasive ultrasonic or radio frequency skin tightening may provide some additional tightening. You look great, good luck.

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Hi, you seem to have obtained a good result from the endoscopic muscle repair, but you still have some residual periumbilical skin excess,which is difficult to gauge without a proper examination. that said, an umbilicoplasty would certainly take care of the excess skin but at the high price of visible and sometimes ugly scars. i recommend that you leave it alone if scars are a concern to you.

Endoscopic tummy tightening has helped!

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I think you have an excellent result from endoscopic rectus plication.  I would NOT do anything surgical as far as umbilicoplasty.  I think your belly button looks fine.  Non surgical skin tightening may helps slightly but I would not do anything more than that.  You look great!

Options for tummy in slim body builder.

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Your diastasis repair has done well for your abdominal flatness, and your belly button is not abnormal. Possible minimal additional improvements in umbilical appearance might be achieved with umbilicoplasty. But, there is always the chance it could be worse, or just "different."

You do have a long pubic-to-umbilicus distance that could allow a minimal umbilical float and mini-abdominoplasty with a longer scar than you laready have, but you are very slim, and could end up with contour irregularity where the belly button was, and a funky-looking (now there's a well-understood medical term) floated umbilicus!

Perhaps simply excising a bit more skin with a longer abdominal scar (still very low) is the best compromise if you must do something.

Consider the good advice of my colleagues to avoid the disappointment caused by trying for more than "good enough." Surgeons all know the aphorism "The enemy of good (enough) is better." Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Abdominoplasty with short scar may benefit you.

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1)  You have good correction of the diastasis.

2)  The appearance of the belly button will be hard to improve with any technique.

3)  You already have a low scar.  The redundant skin can be removed by making this scar slightly longer.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Umbilicoplasty or Floating Mini Correction?

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Great result as shown in first 2 photos for the endo correction of your diastasis! My next statement is just something you might consider. Maybe it would be best to leave well enough alone. Food for thought. 

Umbilicoplasty vs minim tummy tuck

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I am not a big fan of either, especially floating the umbilicus.  I understand you do not want the incisions due to your body building, but it is a tough call without an exam, and you certianly will have to compromise with the quality of the results by doing one of these two. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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