Umbilicoplasty with Diastasis 10 Months After Pregnancy?‏ (photo)

I have an ugly belly bottom after the pregnancy ( 10 months ago) and I would like to have umbilicoplasty, however, I have separation abs separated, Is it possible to do an umbilicoplasty with diastasis?,‏

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Are you done with childbearing?

If you have not yet completed your family and anticipate more children, umbilicoplasty is not recommended. Further pregnancy(ies) will stretch and distort your scars and new umbilicus, making final repair less ideal and results suboptimal.

Even if you are finished with having babies, your diastasis, coupled with the stretched and loose abdominal skin (not just around your belly button), make you a more appropriate candidate for tummy tuck. Umbilicoplasty alone is frequently unsatisfactory in its ability to yield a reliably good cosmetic result; trying to also perform diastasis repair through an unbilical incision (even with a scope) will potentially yield a poor or incomplete diastasis repair. Read that last sentence again and let it sink in--this is NOT recommended. I know; that long tummy tuck scar just seems so "awful" and every patient wants to avoid it. Most can't and even more shouldn't.

See one or more ABPS-certified plastic surgeons for advice about this. Usually whenever a patient tries to do more with less, she only achieves less for more (cost, scarring, dissatisfaction with result, or complication), and ends up not only regretting the original impulse but then has to undergo the recommended operation anyway (at more risk, cost, and difficulty). Resist the urge! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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