Can I Get a Umbilicalplasty? (photo)

I hate my belly button to death I will do anything to get a normal inny belly button I was wondering if I can get a umbilicalplasty and will it cause scaring I want it to look like the last picture I posted or something similar to that I want it to not have those lips on top and I want it to be in more is it possible.

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An umbilicoplasty will definitely help the shape of your belly button.  I would ask for before and after pics from your surgeon though because I am not sure the pic on the right is attainable.  Good luck.

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  Yes, the belly button can be made to look more like the picture on the right.  A portion of the umbilicus can be sutured to the fascia to deepen it and the lip of skin can be trimmed.  The scar can be hidden in the superior hood of the new umbilicus.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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