Umbilical Scar Not Healing Correctly After 6 Days?

Had umbilical hernia done 6 days ago. There is a flab of skin open where the sar is and can see the inside where he stitched it from the inside out.. With this piece of skin ever stick down to form a smooth scar? He also told me to put water on it, is his correct?

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Too soon to judge a belly button scar

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Dear Monicamarie,


6 days post-surgery is too soon to judge the what a scar would look like.

Patience is the key and time is required for the healing to take place.


What is meant by applying "water" to the wound is to wet it 3-4 times a day and not expose it to running water.

You need to use sterile solution on a sterile gauze (unfolded to a single layer) when wetting your wound.

Also, the gauze being used should be damp and not soaked so when you remove it after application (lasting an hour or so) it should not be dry; otherwise you will risk removing newly formed skin from the surface of the wound. In case it got dry, you make sure you wet it before removal.

So, I recommend that you make sure you are keeping on sterile techniques and review them with your surgeon because you do not want to have an infected wound.


Scars could be revised if the outcome is not desirable; this could be done several months after proper healing is established.


Thank you for your inquiry and good luck.

Dr. Sajjadian

Umbilical scar not healing well after 6 days

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6 days is a too early to tell about a scar. An open area at the incison site may be where the epidermis is not approximated. This will heal in time. If it leaves a scar that is unacceptable, it can be revised at a later date, but you should wait several months before evaluating the result and considering a revision.

Applying the "water" to the wound probably means a wet soak of some sort. This can be very effective for open wounds. Usually, it is best to apply wet soak two - three times daily and leave them on for an hour or so before removing them. A good solution is a cup of water with a tablespoon of vinegar. I am assuming that the problem is the lack of approximation of the epidermis as mentioned. Generally, it is best to listen carefully to your PS and follow his/her instructions carefully. If you don't understand, ask for an explanation.

Good luck, I feel certain you will love your result, but you must be patient. You cannot speed up mother nature.

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