can I expect to have pretty decent results with SlimLip just on the flanks being done and not abdomen?

I have a umbilical hernia and therefore Dr stated he could only do flanks and not abdomen. I don't have a flat stomach but with excercise and eating right I have been able to bring it down a bit. My question is, can I expect to have pretty decent results with just the flanks being done and not abdomen? overall I have a nice figure but my flanks make me look shapeless outside of my clothes. I do not wish to go through hernia repair

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SLIM LIPO Results are better when both abdomen and flanks are addressed

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Your doctor is absolutely correct that it is unsafe to proceed with SLIM lipo (or any other liposuction technique) in the presence of an umbilical hernia, due to possible injury to the umbilical hernia contents which can sometimes be small bowel; I recommend getting the umbilical hernia fixed first (this is a good idea as there is always a small chance of incarceration or strangulation of bowel in small hernias which can make you very sick).  Once your general surgeon clears you for the SLIM Lipo, I recommend having both your abdomen and flanks treated; In my opinion, when I treat an abdomen, I always treat the flanks, and vice versa, because I treat the whole trunk as a UNIT and each part needs to flow into the next harmoniously.  This is how you can get great results! Good Luck!

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