I Have an Umbilical Hernia and Diastasis. Should I Have Them Repaired?

The surgeon who repaired my double ingunial hernia year ago says I need these fixed. I am 42, a bit over weight, otherwise healthy. Noticed the diastasis recently when I was working out and doing crunches. My wife said she has noticed it for a while. When I do exercise or exert I feel a "not normal" burn or discomfort. Is my best option to have the umbilical repaired and have the diastasis done at the same time. I hear people say male tummy tuck and that makes me nervous. Pros and Cons?

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Diastasis recti and hernia repair in a male.

This is a very hard question to answer for you.  It is always a personal choice for you as to whether you have both a hernia and diastasis recti condition repaired.  I believe that you could be helped by this type of surgery, but it doesn't sound as a necessity for you.  If you choose to consider this, however, please get several opinions from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.  This will hopefully give you the best chance for a good result.


Good luck to you.


Frank Rieger M.D.

Repair of Umbilical Hernia and Diastasis Recti?

It would be in your best interests to be examined by well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons; you will receive the best advice after an examination and a full discussion of your goals, treatment options, and the pros/cons of each option.

A hernia by definition is a full thickness defect in the abdominal wall whereas a diathesis recti refers to a separation/spreading of the abdominal wall muscles.

Having said that, repair of the umbilical hernia in your case is definitely indicated. Repair of the diastasis recti, on the other hand, is not “mandatory”.  The tummy tuck surgery in general is a much more extensive procedure than umbilical hernia repair done alone. This more extensive procedure is understandably associated with greater risks/potential complications.

I hope this helps.


Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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