Ultrasound Therapy for Lipo?

I had a seroma sclerosed post tummy tuck and lipo and it formed a very hard area so i am having ultrasound treatments 3 times a week on it i was wondering if i should also do treatments on the lipo areas as well? Will it help with the swelling?

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Is Ultrasound Good Therapy for Lipo?

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Gregory Hetter, M.D. perhaps was the first plastic surgeon to describe the use of ultrasound therapy to speed recovery after liposuction.  I have been using this modality in my practice in Hawaii since the late 1980's.  I find that ultrasound, when directed by knowledgeable Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, can decrease total recovery from liposuction from 6 months to 6 weeks.  

Your question of whether you should do ultrasound on the areas that were liposuctioned is a great question, and I would answer with a resounding YES!.  It brings blood supply to the area which helps take away non-viable tissue and helps smooth out the semi-viable fat cells (it almost acts like a sifter for flour in the kitchen).  

Ultrasound after liposuction is a truly great idea! 

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