Is Ultrasound Enough to Rule out Lipoma? My Doctors Didnt Find a Biopsy Necessary.

I have a rather big lipoma in my labia that my surgeon, gynecologist/oncologist, and ultrasound radiologist have all assured me that it is nothing cancerous but just lipoma made of fat. Can I calm down now? Ive seen all these doctors and none of them suggested a biopsy. Are some lipomas more suspicious than others? Thanks for your incredible service.

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Its more than likely just a lipoma but they are so easily removed. If its growincausing symptoms or just driving you crazy just get it removed. It can more than likely be removed in the office in under 30 minutes witj local anesthesia through a tiny incision. Since lipomas are malleable they can be removed through an incision smaller than the actual lipoma. As a former professor once told me.don't use liposuction either.

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