Ultrasound/radio frequency for eye bags, does it work?

Hello all. I am wondering if procedures like Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Vaccum Therapy, or any type of non-surgical non-filler procedures have any success in fighting eye-bags? What is the difference between these and what are the risks? If I want to discuss the causes of my eye bags and possible non-surgical procedures, should I talk to an ophthalmologist or an ocularplastic surgeon? I believe most insurance will cover ophthalmologist but no plastic surgeons right? (photos in my profile).

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That's a lot of questions.

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Ultrasound and vaccum therapy no. Radio frequency (like Pelleve) a little. Ablative fractionated laser resurfacing yes. Insurance never covers these and it does not matter if your surgeon is an ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, or a gynecologist. Fillers are the most likely best non-surgical option for you.

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